New Alpha Strike series leaked +New Rival repaints!

With a new year comes new blasters! And it looks like Nerf has decided to expand the lineup of leaks with a brand new line of foam-flingers!

These images via Facebook show what appear to be new Rival Edge themed repaints including the Helios and the Kronos, while also showing us a sneak peek at what seems to be a brand new lineup of N-strike blasters dubbed the Alpha Strike line. So far, that line up includes the Lynx 50-1 & Stinger 50-1, the Tiger and Wolf blasters. While the images do not provide the full box art, it does give us a glimpse of what these blasters can do.

As of writing, not much is known about these blasters or the line itself other then the images below. Full credit goes to Valour Lionheart for the finds!

Along with these new blasters come some more familiar faces rocking a brand new paintjob as well as some new accessories! Featuring a brand new x30 round HIR drum mag with the Helios and a Holster for the Kronos. I for one am very intrigued to get my hands on that new drum!


To finish it up, what are your thoughts on this new line and the new Rival accessories? Do you think this is Hasbro trying to cash in on Zuru/X-shot’s success with blasters like the Vigilante? What do you think about the new 30 round Rival Drum? Leave your thoughts and comments down below! More images are surely to come so stay tuned for an update when we receive new information!

Also, You might notice this *isn’t* Buffdaddy making this post! I will be making a formal introductory post in the near future, but wanted to get this post out there as it was press off the press. I will strive to make better quality content for all you lovely nerfers here soon 🙂




Nerf Accustrike Accutrooper Review

We are now on the fourth iteration of the Alpha Trooper, following the original N-Strike version, the blue Elite upgrade, and the orange “XD” version. In this case, it’s now the Accutrooper (never mind that Alpha Trooper is still in the blaster molding). It’s the same as the old version, with only a few small changes. It also features a 25 dart drum and a new stock, all for $40. And it’s still a great starting blaster (but this time, exclusively at Walmart).

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A Defense of the RevReaper

Due to the highly subjective nature of this post, I’m specifically creating an “Opinion” category. Coincidentally, it also opens up potential future posts from outside writers about issues in foam flinging in general. For now, though, I’ll attempt to keep things relatively light.

The RevReaper is leaving shelves, after a seemingly solid run in stores. It offered a unique take on flywheel blasters not seen since the days of the Buzzsaw or Gyrostrike – human-powered flywheels. It also somehow got past me completely in terms of reviews – I’ve used it a lot, modded mine to shoot harder, and yet I never actually posted a review. Seeing as it’s a bit late to review an item on clearance, I’ll instead just examine my experiences with it and the general reactions.

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Nerf Accustrike Talonstrike Review

The Accustrike line has been, as of late, filling out with Walmart-exclusive repaints of older blasters that feature the newer, more precise foam ammunition. That itself isn’t much of an issue, as long as the blasters are good and the price is right. The Talonstrike, formerly the Zombie Strike Sidestrike, seems to fit that bill.

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Nerf Zombie Strike Quadrot Review

In a world full of high-priced blasters and loads of accessories, sometimes all you really need is a simple, inexpensive, and effective dart pistol. The Quadrot fills that role with ease, offering four shots and decent power, all for just $10. Why can’t more Hasbro offerings be like this?

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Nerf Laser Ops Classic Incoming!

Thanks to another leak on Instagram, we have a peek at the Ion 2-pack, a new entry in the Laser Ops line.

Seen on the NCCTW Instagram page, we have two pistols in yellow and orange, evoking older, arcade style Laser Tag equipment.

The pistols should retail for $29.99, and still feature the same buttons as the other entries in the line. I’d expect them to maintain compatibility, because why wouldn’t you do that for items in the same line?

Release date is expected for this year, exact time unknown.

Nerf Mega Bulldog Review

The Bulldog is Nerf’s second Mega Accustrike blaster to hit the market, following the relative “thud” that was the Mega Thunderhawk – one blaster I never got around to reviewing, but never felt guilty about because it wasn’t that good.

The Bulldog is objectively a better blaster that, while still featuring gimmicks, performs decently well, especially with the Mega Accustrike darts. However, I didn’t see much difference in performance when compared to the last three-shot Mega blaster, the Tribreak. At the very least, at $20 it’s a solid pistol for the Mega line, given the current trends in blaster pricing.

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