mediator xl
mediator attachments
First person view.
Next to a Retaliator.
Fully assembled blaster.
Barrel attached to muzzle.
Close look at the threads on the end.
A look at the barrel.
Removing the stock.
Stock attached.
Showing the stock attachment point.
Another angle of the stock.
A look at the stock piece.
Nerf mag loaded.
Reaching for the mag release.
Mag loaded in the blaster.
Close up of the magwell.
Slide primed back.
Hand on slide.
Looking at the top of the slide.
Closer look at the priming slide.
Hand on handle.
Close up of the handle.
A look at the muzzle.
Looking at the top.
Right side.
Left side of the blaster.
Everything in the box.
Back of the box.
Front of the box.