Nerf Alpha Strike Fang Review

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Quadrot. It’s a small, powerful, fun blaster with four shots, for just $10. It also has decent modification potential, if you want more power.

If, however, you just want an inexpensive blaster that works out of the box, then Nerf has done one better. The Alpha Strike Fang may have questionable (but fixable) comfort issues, but it performs exactly the same out of the box at half the price. What more can you want from a stock blaster?

Purchase two-pack here (affiliate link that supports the site)

Purchase one-pack here (affiliate link)

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Trilogy Review

After the long absence of the Zombie Strike Sledgefire (and the bulky and silly “The Judge”), Nerf has finally given us another shotgun-type dart blaster. The Trilogy will not be everyone’s favorite flavor, but it doesn’t have to be. It just has to do its job relatively well – and it does. Even if sometimes the shell ejection is a bit finicky.

Purchase here (affiliate link that supports the site)

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Nerf Fortnite HC-E Mega Review

The Nerf-Fortnite partnership keeps on rolling, with new entries like the HC-E. This time, however, instead of being a Super Soaker, it’s a Mega Blaster. It only holds one shot, making it a glorified Hotshock, but it does have a lovely shell (as you’d imagine). In addition, being a Mega blaster means it ultimately has some extra potential, should you choose to modify it.

Purchase here (affiliate link that supports the site)

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Nerf Alpha Strike Cobra Review

It’s not supposed to be out yet, but I found an Alpha Strike Cobra at a Target for $10 last week. As expected, Alpha Strike is Nerf’s answer to the “budget brands” that have taken away its market share in the lower price points. The line still isn’t my favorite for comfort; however, after using the Cobra over the weekend, it’s better than expected. Even if I have other preferences, I expect those brands (at this price point) to have a hard time in the near future.

The single blaster pack comes with 12 darts and four half-bottle plastic targets (which do connect and can be blasted apart).

See my thoughts on the line here.

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Dart Zone Pro Preorder Live: Should You Get One?

As of last night, lots of speculation about the Dart Zone Pro blaster ended. The Mk1 Collector’s Edition, along with all its goodies and a new dart type, retailing for $180. Which is admittedly high. Nevertheless, I’m buying one, and there are some solid reasons to consider getting one. It really comes down to what you want in a blaster, and how much you value your own tinkering in this weird space we call the Nerf Internet Community.

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Nerf Rival Heracles Review

At long last, after more than a month of waiting from the original release date, my Heracles is finally here! Sometimes, the supply chain just fails.

If you’ve seen one Kronos, you’ve seen them all. The Heracles has the same great features, but gives up the smaller package in favor of ball storage. If you’re the kind of person that runs around with just a pistol, this one might be your flavor of Rival.

Buy the Heracles here (affiliate link that supports the website)

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Fun (Future) Water Warriors? Looking at Patents

I typically search for trademarks more than patents, but on occasion patent searches turn up fun things. For example, US #10,295,300. It was originally a patent in Hong Kong, but finally made it through the system and was accepted in the US as well. Buzz Bee owns it, and now might have some interesting things within future Water Warriors blasters.

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