Nerf Rival Helios Review (Blue)

The Helios has been on shelves for a while now, as a Phantom Corps addition to the Rival line. Somehow, despite buying one and taking pictures, I never actually got around to writing a review. Now that the new colors are coming to store shelves (and appearing at Toy Fair), I’m going to fix that.

The Helios is, as you’d expect, a respectable update to the original Apollo design. It demands a bit of patience in operation, but otherwise is a reliable, smaller spring-powered primary.

Note that this blaster came from Canada, where it is already on Walmart store shelves.

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Buffdaddy’s Best of Toy Fair 2019

Now that Toy Fair is over, we can sit back and think about what we really enjoyed. What made our eyes light up when we used it? What blasters made us say “Why hasn’t anyone done this sooner?!?”. It’s a very subjective post, but it’s worth chiming in with my opinion on everything I saw.

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Toy Fair 2019 – Day Three

IT’S BUZZ BEE DAY! I will delay uploading the video for a bit – I’m more about the pictures and writing anyway. But it was a great event, and Buzz Bee is pushing for a successful year in the US market.

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Toy Fair 2019 – The Hasbro Tour

Well, here we are. I got to go see the new blasters in person! See the video for trying out the blasters, and below I’ll have my thoughts on what was there!

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