New Alpha Strike series leaked +New Rival repaints!

With a new year comes new blasters! And it looks like Nerf has decided to expand the lineup of leaks with a brand new line of foam-flingers!

These images via Facebook show what appear to be new Rival Edge themed repaints including the Helios and the Kronos, while also showing us a sneak peek at what seems to be a brand new lineup of N-strike blasters dubbed the Alpha Strike line. So far, that line up includes the Lynx 50-1 & Stinger 50-1, the Tiger and Wolf blasters. While the images do not provide the full box art, it does give us a glimpse of what these blasters can do.

As of writing, not much is known about these blasters or the line itself other then the images below. Full credit goes to Valour Lionheart for the finds!

Along with these new blasters come some more familiar faces rocking a brand new paintjob as well as some new accessories! Featuring a brand new x30 round HIR drum mag with the Helios and a Holster for the Kronos. I for one am very intrigued to get my hands on that new drum!


To finish it up, what are your thoughts on this new line and the new Rival accessories? Do you think this is Hasbro trying to cash in on Zuru/X-shot’s success with blasters like the Vigilante? What do you think about the new 30 round Rival Drum? Leave your thoughts and comments down below! More images are surely to come so stay tuned for an update when we receive new information!

Also, You might notice this *isn’t* Buffdaddy making this post! I will be making a formal introductory post in the near future, but wanted to get this post out there as it was press off the press. I will strive to make better quality content for all you lovely nerfers here soon 🙂




  • WiserThanDan

    Let me start by saying im a 31 year old man with 4 kids. Modding capabilities and maximizing FPS do not matter to be at all. I collect the blasters for 2 reasons…

    1. I never had any blasters as a kid so i get a childish enjoyment out of it that is therapeutic and massages my soul.
    2. To shoot my friends, their kids and my kids (so i dont need anything that goes 150FPS because i will have a 4 year old in my crosshairs)

    This hobby can get a little expensive due to the overwhelming amount of product available be it first party or third party. So the rules i set to help control myself from jumping deep down the rabbit hole is Nerf Brand ONLY & “Elite” size dart blasters so everything be it magazines, clips and ammo are all compatible with each other.

    I have about 40 or 50 blasters with every accessory imaginable that works with the stuff i collect. I have inflatables and melee also… We dont do rival or mega (to help limit me from having to buy EVERYTHING)

    Obviously i wont have an opinion on the Rival stuff but i took the time to explain the type of collector i am because i have been seeing alot of hate/negativity about the Alpha Strike line in just the one day the images have been released. I think the pistol with the barrel break loading is dope… Nothing like clicking down that barrel, loading ONE DART so you only have one chance and hitting your buddy coming around the corner right in the ear hole. The thing just looks fun, especially with the little ‘Mars Attacks’ Stinger to go with it. Shotgun style blasters tend to be my favorite, i dont collect Mega so i have been WAITING for this style shotgun to drop for elite darts. The Rifle seems a little weird with how it primes but overall the aesthetics of the blasters are dope and i can only speak for myself but i feel like they all are fun and feel like a breath of fresh air for a guy like myself (non competitive, elite dart, beer drinking, child shooter)

    Hopefully these things are all no more than $20 each. For $10 you can get a disrupter pistol (so $20 because it comes with the jolt and way more darts). Walmart has the rough cut for $24 that holds 8 darts so you cant sell that 2 dart shotgun for equal value. The rifle even tho looks beautiful is a single shot blaster so just by tech specs they cant ask for much.

    I decided to go all in on this comment because like i said people seem obsessed with competitive play and forget that there are guys like me who just want something cool to get some good laughs and moments at a BBQ with his friends & family. With all that being said I appricate you guys and love this site. I like being able to go somewhere and not have to watch a video to find out about a blaster breakdown. Im happy with the level of content you guys are putting out, it seems like something new everyday. If you appricate my lame non competitive opinion let me know and ill keep dropping it in the comments section

    • Haha, I don’t mind at all! I try to keep that in mind when I’m writing that in the end we’re still plinking around with toys. You don’t inherently NEED to change the blasters to enjoy using them. There are still plenty of blasters I use none stock off the shelf, even when there are things shooting twice as fast on the field. Heck, there are still debates (especially in HvZ) as to how fast we allow blasters to fire. Protip: making it shoot faster doesn’t make up for being a bad player.

      Feel free to keep speaking up! Preaching to the choir is the worst thing you can have happen in a discussion, because then it isnt a discussion at all.

  • JohnMorog

    All of those n strike ones seem incredibly impractical… a front loading rifle with pull tab prime? the break action, THEN pump means a super low ROF, and the non mega doublebreach I suppose is okay, although I would prefer a more reliable roughcut.

  • whit is meme

    So many darts coming in the alpha stike blasters