Nerf Edge Series Leaks!

The holiday season hasn’t even finished, and already we have leaks out of China (via Facebook) featuring a new Rival line. It’s the Edge series, featuring a neon green paint scheme and aimed at target practice, as opposed to just team battles.

Material comes from:

Arrival of the Roman Gods

As seen on the internet a few days ago (and updated with lots of leaked info today), the Mercury XIX-500 and Jupiter XIX-1000 are the newest Rival blasters. They opt for bolt-action priming, clear windows to the internal magazine, and the inclusion of plastic targets.

There also surfaced a video showing the operation of the Mercury. The priming bolt screws into the chosen side, and there appears to be no loading door on the internal magazine.

One thing that is certain? The Kronos style of blaster is by far Hasbro’s favorite in the Rival line, seeing as it’s now being reused again and again (with varying capacities) for blasters from these two Edge examples to two of the upcoming Overwatch blasters. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  • carmanut

    that looks like its begging to be broken off by an enthusiastic cocking motion?

    • JohnMorog

      I won’t be surprise (and would be happy) to see an aftermarket CNC aluminum bolt.